Steven van Belleghem – The link between HR and Customer Experience is proud to present Steven van Belleghem the king of keynote presentations. We asked Steven if he could share his view on the link between HR management and Customer Experience. In this video Steven shares how the Right Processes, Measurement and most importantly Culture; “HR has to lead the human transformation, a required consequence of the digital transformation we are in.”

Igor Beuker – Fury of the Founders

ambitionOne® is honored to post this blog on Employer Branding by Igor Beuker, the Math Man, the professional communicator with a proven track record as keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur who appears on countless television and radio shows as independent, expert voice on emerging trends on marketing, media and innovation.

employer branding

ambitionOne® is the global career community for outperforming professionals, the network was founded to match the ambition of it’s members with the “most admired employers” and hottest startups. It is our believe that our members can support these companies to win in their markets, and thereby improve the planet, one career at a time.

Apart from direct access to the network’s talent pool these employers enjoy premium Employer Branding, the top of mind topic in board rooms today.

Tom Haak’s 7 trends in Employer Branding

ambitionOne is proud to share Tom Haak‘s trends in Employer Branding, Tom is the director of the HR Trend Institute

Employer Branding is changing fast. In this post Tom shares Seven trends in employer branding, creating opportunities to improve employer branding. The “Real people/Real stories” trend is fully in line with ambitionOne‘s activity; sharing stories of real outperformers combined with those of most admired employers. Similar to ARA’s Andy Mosmans, Tom states that Consumer Branding and Employer Branding are merging;

Employer Branding according to Andy Mosmans

ambitionOne® is honoured to post this blog on Employer Branding by Andy Mosmans, a leading Brand Strategist, successful Entrepreneur and author of  “Ondernemingssucces & BRANDING NL”. Andy is Strategy Director and Partner at ARA creative agency.

Employer branding today In essence a corporation needs two kinds of people: customers and employees. They are the players in the game of the name (of the company, the corporate brand). Just like on the client market corporations need to build brand strength in an integrative way on the talent market: employer branding.

Employee Experience

More and more employers accept the fact that the power has shifted from employer to employee. Professionals carefully design their career, and are committed to contribute to the purpose of “most admired employers” as long as that contributes to their personal development. The ideal tenure to both contribute in the best way to the corporation, as well as to maintain a steep enough learning curve is 8-10 years, not life-time-employment.