Fonzie van der Mierden – is looking for a challenge in innovation & strategy

fonzieI am Fonzie van der Mierden, a young ambitious digital native. Currently I am doing my traineeship at Ormit. Here, I have been working on my personal development in a personal leadership program for 2 years at ABN AMRO, Province of Overijssel, WarChild and The Greenery. Since this traineeship is coming to an end in september 2017, I am looking for a challenge…

Saskia Nijs

ambitionOne is proud to highlight a game changing member; Saskia Nijs. Saskia Nijs is part-time PhD candidate at the VU, columnist at “Financieel Dagblad”, employee at Philips and speaker and advisor on the 21st century organization. Besides all of that she is mother of 2 daughters (twins), wife of a nerd, and living in Amsterdam.

“In these times where careers are changing and the definitions of ambition is not climbing the corporate ladder anymore, it is crucial to build networks where innovative, ambitious and rule breaking people can connect. Collaboration and support are very important foundations for success. Not your personal success but the success of a group of professionals to make change happen. Therefore a network like is so important. Connect, learn, share, be brave, ambitious and respectful.”

Entrepreneurial Sisters & LA PEAU Skincare : Irma and Carla Khanjian is proud to share this success story about two game changing entrepreneurs,  Irma and Carla Khanjian, who used their skills and determination to develop a revolutionizing skin care business; LA PEAU. The ambitionOne initiative is build on the believe that people make a difference, Irma and Carla are living proof of that.

“In today’s competitive marketplace – it is possible to succeed without the millions spent on advertising campaigns, without any external financing, without a large team; yes it is possible to succeed if we share an unparalleled passion, if we believe in ourselves and if we are not afraid of many sleepless nights…”

Two millennials with a mission – Predator Endurance®

The ambitionOne® network is proud to share this story of two sisters, with a “thirst for success” Bianca & Natasha de Jong. Similar to our career initiative they are growing an active tribe of ambassadors for the world’s first healthy natural endurance drink; Predator Endurance®.

Thriving Predator sisters in the billion dollar beverage industry

Our generation of millennials is missing purpose, losing trust in the products we buy, companies we work for and politicians we vote for. We are two millennial sisters and political scientists, always fascinated by challenges within society and inspired to make a positive impact. From a young age we were leading a holistic lifestyle and reading labels. As customers we did not feel understood by multinational food companies and their sugars, artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. What can we drink to support our daily activities besides water and herbal tea? The good wasn’t good enough, because taking our water bottle with lemon juice on the go was not sufficient for more functionalities. This had to change.

the power of 5, our network strength

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool, offering direct access to hundreds of millions of global professionals. For recruitment purposes however there is a major challenge to identify true quality within this sea of talent.

Hard profile search criteria like degrees, schools, employers and skills offer some indications, but are no guarantee for soft skills, EQ, adaptability and team impact.

Stephan Hartgers

Stephan Hartgers – ambitionOne member and Managing Consultant at Mobiquity, currently supporting VWE as interim IT manager and data strategy consultant.

Managing complex and challenging IT environments at high pace as project and/or line manager. Drive for tangible results, with a specialty in professionalising IT and operations organisations. Brings stability, manages with confidence, flair and humor.


Anis Tebib, ambitionOne member, INSEAD alumnus and Marketing Manager Automotive at Trinseo LLC shares his advice on presenting; 


In most of the conferences I attend, the presentations are usually technical and detailed, along pretty busy days. It is not necessarily easy to get and keep attention of the audience. Therefore one needs to create the right atmosphere to get people following you, embracing the message you would like to deliver.