Bob Irkhov

‘Funny with friends and strict at work’ — that’s what you may definitely hear about me.

Besides that, I am 37, married, and have a 14-year-old daughter. Yes, I became father when I was 22. To tell the truth, I do not understand those people who get married after 30 and become parents after 40 — they will have missed so much and wasted too many years of their life.

Sleep to be ambitious – Els van der Helm

Ambition is a necessary part of becoming successful, but so is sleep. When you miss 8 hours of sleep in a week you’re actually in a state similar to being drunk. Sleep management is important for our performance. The training program developed by dr. Van der Helm is already used by world leaders such as McKinsey and Facebook and she is here to tell you, you are next!

Dr. Els van der Helm

GAME CHANGERS fueled by #ambition

“All organisations seek out highly talented people who ensure the (longer term) success of the company. The question is, how to define that relatively small group of identifiable people whose motivation and talent lead them to become and stay ‘Game Changers’.

However, these are the individuals that business leaders, across every industry, are desperately searching for. They are the individuals who ensure businesses do more than just survive in today’s fast paced digital economy; they often have the ability to ‘see around corners’ in ways that most of us cannot.” Nathan Ott of the Game Changers Index.®

“Young Lady Business Academy” by Elkse Doets, “Business Woman of the Year”

We are proud that Elske Doets, Dutch “Business Woman of the Year” was willing to share her #ambition with our community. Elkse is the owner and president of the dynamic tour operator company “Jan Doets America Tours” which was founded by her father. Next to this Elkse is running an initiative to stimulate young women to start entrepreneuring; the “Young Lady Business Academy”.