fonzieI am Fonzie van der Mierden, a young ambitious digital native. Currently I am doing my traineeship at Ormit. Here, I have been working on my personal development in a personal leadership program for 2 years at ABN AMRO, Province of Overijssel, WarChild and The Greenery. Since this traineeship is coming to an end in september 2017, I am looking for a challenge…

I am looking for an opportunity around Utrecht or Amsterdam in the field of digital, innovation and / or strategy. I am seeking a position of 32-36h, since I am working on my dream to initiate and grow a startup! ambitionOne members CLICK HERE to directly chat with Fonzie.

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“I am an entrepreneurial person who is always seeking for a challenge in the organisation. My passion is to define a vision and making it concrete. My role within such tracks is that I am able to achieve maximum results by challenging the status quo. When we hit a roadblock, I will find another way towards the goal. In doing this I am always connected with the people around me.”

By nature, I am equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and always on the hunt for a complex intellectual challenge. From childhood onwards, I was busy with improving things. Therefore, it is no surprise that I have a strong interest in exploring new strategies, products and services. I get excited to make something successful, while the probability of success originally seemed low. When I believe in something, I go all the way. I like to take up the conversation and the negotiations to make sure the best results will be achieved.
One of my passions is gliding, a sport that requires making decisions that involves taking risks in order to win a competition. It is my belief that this is also needed when an organization wants to be the best.

fonzie3Producing ideas for complex situations or problems is my main quality. I know how to position my solution, in a way that my environment is willing to participate. I easily find weak spots in arguments and I am able to use them. Furthermore, the challenge I am facing needs to have an intellectual component in order to get enthusiastic. I love to bend my brains for this. My ambition is to consistently keep developing and expanding my responsibility.

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Or contact ambitionOne and we’ll forward your suggestions to Fonzie:

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