Leaders across industries share the leadership lessons they learned in 2016 and the leadership goals they plan to pursue in 2017.

Joost d’Hooghe, commercial director DSM and founder of ambitionOne: PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR THE INDIVIDUALS IN THE TEAM

The key to corporate success is the level of motivation of the individual. In 2017 I want to make sure we fully acknowledge the individuals working for us, so we can build on their personal strengths. In a fast paced, global and “always on” digital world, the personalities facing our customers make the difference.

Linden Tibbets, cofounder and CEO of task automation service IFTTT: LEADERSHIP LESSON: A CLEAR VISION = A REALISTIC ROAD MAP

“I’m focused on increasing my clarity. You can’t inspire someone if you can’t articulate your vision, exactly where you’re going—and why they should join up. Every time we’ve been able to paint a distinctly clearer picture for IFTTT’s future, we’ve been able to take a huge step toward it. Simplicity is hard, but I’m ready to put in the long hours to make sure our opportunity can be understood and communicated in just a few seconds.”

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